Words With Friends Adds Leaderboard to Create Social Competition


July, 2013
Zynga’s enormously popular Scrabble-like app, Words With Friends (WWF), has recently rolled out an updated version that includes a ranking system that shows users how their in-game statistics compare with that of their friends. Answering a myriad of fan requests, WWF’s new Leaderboard feature shows users their real-time statistics measure up against their Facebook friends, shown on either a weekly or all-time basis. This new feature also lets users see their friends’ skill levels on both a point-per-word average basis or a total points basis, with “All-Time Average Points-Per-Word” appearing to be the most definitive statistic to measure skill levels amongst friends for the time being. Looking at the online strategies of video game manufacturers like Xbox Live and Playstation Network, Google has decided to take a similar approach with their Google Play Games app, as they are incorporating and promoting friendly competition through social media ranking systems in order to create more incentive and buzz within their gaming interfaces. As intellect-based apps like WWF begin to harness and incorporate customer feedback, the “IQ competition” created amongst friends is bound to become a cornerstone of game development, similar to what Xbox  and Playstation have achieved with their competitive online landscapes. Find out more about the Words With Friends app and its new updates here.