InfoMotion Hopes to Score With Bluetooth Basketball, App

94fiftyFebruary, 2013
InfoMotion Sports Technologies has recently announced that they will be teaming up with Kickstarter to create a genuine leather basketball that has bluetooth capabilities and an information-gathering app. The product, labeled the 94Fifty, will mainly function as a tool for aspiring basketball players to utilize when trying to develop their basketball talents by prioritizing practicing focuses in the most efficient, strategic ways. The ball will come with a correlating iOS and Android app that will allow users to compete with their friends who have the 94Fifty, while simultaneously registering various types of data recorded while the ball is being handled or shot. The measurements include how long it takes you to shoot after the catch, how much arc or spin you put on your shot, the impact of your dribbles, and more. The first of its kind, InfoMotion is hoping that this product will eventually build the basketball skill sets of the youth at an early stage, expediting the process of tweaking one’s weaknesses and harnessing one’s strengths, all done with just a ball and a smartphone. Learn how to decrease the need for personal trainers and lame coaching adages right here.