McDonald’s Supports Fish Sales with New Mobile App


February, 2013

McDonald’s is driving sales of their fish-based products and has tapped a new mobile application to create more product awareness. The free entertainment application, MouthOff™, is available in the iTunes store and allows users to select a nautical mouth to project their words or songs. After selecting a mouth, users can sing or talk into the phone and have the fish talk back to them. McDonald’s is supporting downloads of the app through mobile advertisements featured on ESPN. “It’s not about mobile, it’s about mobility, which means delivering the right messages and experiences, in context with customers’ lifestyle and location,” said Steven Duesbury, solution director of digital business strategy at Acquity Group. Duesbury is not affiliated with McDonald’s. “Mobility is also about creating value for the customer – whether through entertainment like the McDonald’s app, or through function, which this also looks to do through its feedback capability.” To learn more, please visit