Jawbone Up-grades Movement- and Health-Tracking Bracelet, App

November, 2012
Jawbone recently released a new, more durable version of their former “Up” bracelet device that tracks your day-to-day activity, eating habits and rest. Like the original device, the Jawbone Up 2.0, along with its app, allows users to track and recognize patterns and habits they exhibit in their daily lives, resulting in many of them tweaking their daily routines and focusing in areas that they are weak. The app wirelessly connects with the bracelet, providing its user with detailed analytics on a person’s movement and eating habits through useful graphs, charts, recommendations and numerous other statistics. According to Mashable, the original Jawbone Up bracelet was not properly designed and would develop wearing and breaking, so Jawbone recalled the device and issued refunds. To ensure that didn’t happen again, Jawbone put in 2.9 million hours of testing into their Up 2.0 bracelet and have also decided to attempt to please fashionistas by offering it in eight different colors. They hope that these significant changes will help them to go after new target markets and, therefore, aid them in jumpstarting their sales. Jawbone Chief Creative Officer, Yves Behar, believes that the Up. 2.0 will be something “that is going to be part of everyone’s life in a few years.” Find out more here.