Quechua’s Facebook Flipbook Campaign

May 2012, Quechua, a brand that creates eco-friendly apparel and accessories for mountain hiking in Europe, has brought back the flipbook, kind-of. Quechua took images that show the suggestive movement of a man walking in the woods and implemented them in the new Facebook timeline. Although it can be tedious to go through all 300 images, it is a brilliant, inexpensive Facebook campaign that reflects the calm outdoorsy nature of the brand. Although the Facebook page is in French, there is no need to translate the page for it to be appreciated. You will need to scroll down to the timeline milestone images loaded on April 26 (it will take a moment to load all of the images), then press shift + space to scroll up and watch the filpbook in action.
To view the timeline visit Quechua’s Facebook Timeline.
To learn more visit Creative Guerrilla Marketing.