Brands Share Digital Gift Cards Using “Wrapp”

May, 2012

Companies including Sephora, Gap and H&S are leveraging social media site “Wrapp” to provide their shoppers with the ability to send digital gift cards. Wrapp ties together social media with mobile, digital and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences. Users who download the application must first share their Facebook log-in information with the app to get started. They can then peruse their list of friends to determine who they want to send a gift to. After selecting a friend, they choose from a list of retailers and the amount they wish to give (most often $5.00), and finally publish the gift to their friend’s Timeline or send via SMS or email. The gift card can be redeemed if the friend downloads the app and shares it with a store employee who will scan a barcode. Wrapp’s ability to unite the social, digital, mobile and in-store experience seamlessly is a great case study in reaching the consumer at the zero moment of truth. Expect to see more digital credit picking up through 2012 as NFC and mobile wallet start-ups increase. To learn more, please visit