Pringles Stays Away From New Technology Trends In Marketing

March 2012,

Pringles, a major ad spender and well known global brand, does not have Mobile Web Marketing Strategies. Sam Minardi, North American brand manager for Pringles, explains that they are looking to develop a strategy to engage fans and target consumers on another level. Pringles is currently using Facebook as their primary vehicle in social media. Pringles main goal is to create a fun experience for their consumers, and they currently use online video and music to create that experience. Their current social campaign is called the “Tournament of Flavors” where Facebook fans watch videos themed around Pringles flavors, and vote on their favorite. The goal of the campaign is making people smile. Pringles lack of strategy does not mean they are not interested in making the investment into mobile media and growing the current number of fans. The reason for not having a strategy is that they are not interested in the hard metrics and are focusing more on creating unique and fun experiences. It may not be today, but with as much of an influence that mobile media is having on brands, ideas, etc., the near future will require this for brands to stay on top. To learn more visit Digiday.