GetJar Launches Virtual Currency for Android Apps

March, 2012

GetJar, the world’s second largest app store, has launched a new virtual currency system rewarding loyal users with virtual money that can be used to buy premium apps.  The virtual currency is called GetJar Gold Virtual Currency and can be used to download Android apps from any app store.  This currency is entirely reliant on advertising, consumers earn currency to spend on premium apps for each Android app they download.  GetJar’s position as second largest app store makes it possible for them to buy premium content and distribute it for free to consumers. This mobile phone content has shown an early increase in revenue and conversion. “The virtual nature of the currency and its linking to the global advertising spend solve two major problems that the traditional billing platforms have struggled with – low conversions due to the complicated user experience and the lack of access to global markets” said Ilja Laurs. CEO for GetJar.  What app will you buy with virtual currency? For more information, please see