Lowe’s Social Strategy Connects Facebook & Pinterest

March, 2012 Lowe’s is one of the first brands that started to integrate two colossals of the social networking world to focus on a specific female demographic target.

As already mentioned in our previous post, Pinterest is the new social media trend which drives a huge traffic of women online and let them interact directly with brands and products through “pins”.

The Pinterest Tab on Lowe’s Facebook page integrates the content and activity of the brand directly from their website. Since March 1st, when this new digital marketing strategy has been introduced, they have registered a 32% increase in Pinterest followers of their boards. Some specific topics have seen almost a 60% increase in followers. However, Lowe’s Facebook page is not set up yet with the new Timeline interface, so users can only see a few days worth of Pinterest’s content on the brand Facebook page, but once the page is updated at the end of the month, users will be able to more easily navigate past content.

Once again, a brand integration with different social network options for consumers is the match point for a successful digital marketing study. Learn more about the exposure and engagement tactics that Lowe’s adapted connecting Facebook with Pinterest.