“Tweet-A-Beer” Mobile App

March 2012- The mobile app “Tweet-A-Beer” was introduced this week at SXSW, bringing an interactive party perspective to Twitter’s social media integration with mobile commerce.  The app combines your Twitter accounts and Paypal accounts to let you buy someone a beer via social media.  Chirpify, a Twitter payment app allows signed in users to enter the screen name of another Twitter user to send a $5 credit to their Paypal account. The recipient click “Claim Beer Money” and Paypal will insert the $5 into their account.  Chirpify takes a 10-cent fee from every transaction.  Technically, this money could be used for anything but the app’s creators highly recommend using it to buy beer. Tenfour and PR-Firm partner Waggener Edstrom say they do not profit from this app and only made it because they were thristy.  Who would you like to buy a beer for? For more information, please see CNN.com.