LinkedIn’s new ‘Follow Company’ Button

February 2012-LinkedIn has announced a business to social media integration that lets brands embed a ‘Follow Company’ button from the social network onto the company’s website.  This button is similar to ‘liking’ a brand on Facebook, or ‘following’ a company on Twitter. Followers on LinkedIn will receive automatic updates from the brand in their LinkedIn Feeds.  LinkedIn has offered various plug-ins over the years to their now 150 million members.  Some social media examples are: the ‘share’ button that allows users to share articles to their network, and the ‘recommend’ button that is similar to the new ‘Follow Company’ button. Internet research shows that 60% of LinkedIn members would follow a company and their industry insights and news.  Among the first companies to commit to the button are American Express, AT&T and Starbucks.  What companies would you like to follow on LinkedIn? For more information, please see