KFC’s Social Media Strategy

February 2012- KFC is using social media integration to give away hundreds of gift certificates to loyal and attentive Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Their organic social media beginning now has a robust following of 79,000 Twitter followers and 3.9 million Facebook fans.  An example of their current social media integration, distributes 20 tweets from @kfc_colonel and Facebook posts at random times of the day on a secret page on KFC.com. The first 50 people to enter a valid email address will receive a $5 gift certificate towards a meal at KFC. This approach combines promotion and fun interaction to get their fans and followers excited about KFC. Social media promotions can be used as restaurant recommendations where customers have the opportunity to receive a coupon for sharing with their friends.  This article is a good example how even the simple use of social media is beneficial.  For more information, please see promomagazine.com.