Groupon Offers Deals With Grocery Chain

June, 2011

Groupon has launched a new deal partnership in New England with grocery store chain Big Y Foods.  This new partnership includes typical Groupon deals for goods at any of the 61 stores in the region.  This partnership is a new step for Groupon since it is the first partnership they have entered into with a multiple store grocer, and also the first time the daily deal site has linked its deals with a retailer’s loyalty card program.  Customers of Big Y Foods who purchase the deals from Groupon can link the deals to their Big Y Foods loyalty card and have them automatically redeemed at the checkout without needing to print out the Groupon or redeem on their smartphone as with normal Groupon offers.  This new service is the newest venture for Groupon who has recently been expanding their services and platforms offered.  Most recently Groupon announced travel deal through Expedia, ticketing deals through Live Nation, and a new real time deal platform.  For more information see Mashable.