SCVNGR and Buffalo Wild Wings Promotion Success

June, 2011

SCVNGR and Buffalo Wild Wings have released stats showing the success of their March Madness promotion.  For the 12 weeks leading up to March Madness, SCVNGR and Buffalo Wild Wings partnered at all 730 restaurant locations to have customized challenges that engaged consumers and rewarded them for completing pre determined tasks.  The partnership was in the form of a customized SCVNGR game on the app platform that was centered around eating and watching basketball games at Buffalo Wild Wings. Once a consumer completed challenges, they could instantly redeem rewards in the restaurant and also post their success to the SCVNGR network, Twitter, and Facebook. The first week of the promotion showed 30,000 players, and by the end of the promotion there were over 184,000 players nationwide. The partnership was a good match due to cross over between the SCVNGR player’s competitive nature and Buffalo Wild Wings clientele that love challenges, competition, and games. Chris Mahl, the SVP of Marketing at SVNGR said good timing with march madness, strong staff training at the restaurants, and mass marketing on-premise also contributed to the success of the game partnership.  For more information, see Mashable.