Starbucks Card Mobile Hits 3 Million Users

March, 2011

Starbucks new mobile payment system “Starbucks Card Mobile” has recently reached  3 million users and has been deemed a huge success by the company.  The system launched in January and is currently considered the largest mobile payment system in use.  Users can download an app which generates a barcode the cashier can quickly scan at the cash register.  The barcode links to the user’s Starbuck’s card account and automatically withdraws the purchase amount.  Users can reload their card via PayPal or credit card.  The app also allows users to access and use their Starbucks rewards points.  The “touch to pay” system is the first of its kind for the store and is currently offered for Blackberry, iPhone, and iPod touch.  The company plans to roll out the app for Android phones in the future. For more information see Mashable.