Oscar Apps Offer Added Viewer Experience

February, 2011

ABC, Vanity Fair, and other entertainment companies have launched apps to give user an extended Oscar viewing experience this Sunday.  The most talked about app is ABC’s Oscar Backstage Pass, available for $1 on iPhone and iPads only.  Leading up to Sunday, this app will offer users triva, video clips, and information on the Oscar nominees.  Starting with Sunday’s 7PM red carpet coverage, the app will allow viewers to choose from multiple camera views not available to broadcast television viewers.  The live video coverage of the event on the app will continue throughout the television commercial breaks. When the event begins, the app will continue to offer multiple camera angles for users to switch between, one of which will include a backstage camera coving hair and makeup for the next presenters.

There are some doubts about how well the app will be able to perform when thousands of users across the nation are switching between live video feeds at the same time.  Similar apps have had difficulty with this functionality for events such as the 2010 World Cup games. For more information see The New York Times.