The Journey is Better with Friends.

  1. The beauty of internet marketing is that it is infinitely measurable. Anyone who has reviewed their website’s analytics, whether provided by Google Analytics, Omniture or any other analytics program, knows that the amount of data and analysis possibilities is vast and can be overwhelming. The problem is not getting the data, the problem is often– what do I do with all of this data? And exactly what metrics should I be watching on my website?

    The answers to those questions will certainly vary with your overall website goals and industry, but below I’ll give you a few key places to start with, that will likely apply to any website. To make sure you are receiving the specific data you need to measure progress to your goals, I strongly recommend you set up custom reporting. This will allow you to quickly see the data you need and tweak your online marketing efforts accordingly. (more…)


  2. UPDATED Oct. 12, 2010:

    Last week I presented at local St. Louis online marketing conference, MarketSTL. The topic of my presentation was website analytics, a topic that I felt was relevant and important for all meeting attendees – business owners and marketing professionals alike – since creating a marketing plan that is measurable should be high on everyone’s priority list. The name of my presentation was “Overcoming Analysis Paralysis” since working with website analytics can be a daunting task for those who don’t have a game plan going in.