The Journey is Better with Friends.

  1. DayOf

    Last week we put together a checklist to prepare you for covering an event on-site for a client. This week, we’re going to arm you with some tips to make sure the day of the event goes as smoothly as possible.

    Put on your war paint, it’s game day. (more…)


  2. EventBlog

    Real-time is the name of the game in this digital world of ours. Gone are the days when reporters would attend an event, write about it, then filter it through an editor. Current event coverage has to be done on the spot, or people don’t care. With that said, the Average Joe seems to think that those who cover events for brands or news publications are playing around on their phones, nonchalantly posting whenever they feel like it.

    Not even close. (more…)


  3. headerphoto3

    The main reason we love social media so much is because it’s one of the best ways to interact and grow relationships with consumers. We use it for providing customer service, sharing information and most importantly showing gratitude to our faithful followers. When fans show love for a brand on social, we believe it’s vital to return the favor. To ensure we always give our followers the attention they need and deserve, we stick to these three social media marketing rules:  (more…)


  4. sportsPeople love the world of sports and because fans want to be the first to know everything, real-time social media coverage has become the norm across the board. Professional sports teams jump on social media because their passionate, bloodhound-like fans are constantly searching for breaking news and if the team can’t provide what the fans want, the fans go elsewhere.

    How do you keep them interested? Here’s four tips to follow:

    1. Listen more than you talk

    In most cases, a team has a built-in customer base that will buy merchandise and attend games. The trick is bringing all those loyal, passionate people together as one. This is an issue teams struggle with greatly, and they usually resort to “talking at” their fans instead of trying to foster a community that has plenty of incredible content ready to be shared. A lot of fans have a strong bond with the team because they grew up with them, but it’s not enough anymore, it has to be taken to another level. The reason? Fans now have as much access to a team in New York as they do in Los Angeles – geographic location is not an issue anymore and fans will begin to stray if they’re not listened to and respected.



  5. The Internet, and specifically the social media platforms within it, can be a big, scary, thrillingly adventurous place, full of cat videos, weird .gifs, and Ryan Gosling refusing to eat his cereal. It’s a wild jungle, where even the most experienced can find themselves lost, and it isn’t always a place for the faint of heart. (more…)


  6. PHOTOCONTESTWith the increasing popularity of social media, sharing photos has become second nature to consumers. Many brands are now leveraging this new habit by running photo contests to reach their target audience. These contest are a fun and easy way to connect with fans by giving them the ability to show off their skills, but just how do you facilitate an effective photo contest?

    1. Set an Objective

    Just like with anything in business, you need to know your objective and goals in the initial planning stages. Are you trying to gain fans, build brand recognition or launch something new? Whatever your reason for running the contest, setting an objective and corresponding goals will keep you on track and provide you with the ability to measure your success once the contest has ended.



  7. Who is the HOT generation out there today? The generation most brands want to engage with, but few actually do?


    There have been countless articles that define the millennial generation, and a lot of them say the same thing… these 18-30 year olds:

    • comprise 20% of American adults
    • are “digital natives” born into a world of iPods, Apps and Facebook
    • over 75% of them have at least one social media account
    • 40% of them have a bachelor’s degree, more than any previous generation

    Although all of this information paints a nice picture of who millennials are, brands should really focus on how to reach them. And the best way to do that is figuring out what they are talking about or engaging with. (more…)


  8. When attending events such as Social Media Marketing World, providing relevant information live can have quite a few benefits for your brand. When done right, it can position your company as an industry thought leader and resource, provide your fans a reason to continue engaging with you in the future and allow your employees to get the important facts right alongside you.

    Here are a few quick tips for leveraging social media to get the most out of niche events, conferences and conventions. (more…)


  9. Let’s start with a riddle:

    If a customer directs a question to your social media account and no one’s around to answer it – does it still make a sound?

    Yes. And it makes a big one.

    Nielsen’s 2012 State of the Media reports that more than half of consumers now use Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels to give feedback, ask questions and register complaints with their favorite (and not-so-favorite) companies.

    So if you’re not answering questions and responding to comments about your brand or business – who is?

    Truly effective customer service begins before the first question is asked or the first tomato is launched at your brand page. Every business, no matter how unsexy they may seem, needs to own their social media space and have a customer service plan at the ready. If you don’t respond, trust us, someone else will.

    If you haven’t worked customer service into your social media strategy, here are some starting points wepicked up from Social Media Marketing World:

    1.     Start out by asking “How can I help you?”

    You should be thinking about this question all the time – when planning social media posts, when promoting your brand, and especially when responding to customers. If you keep coming back to this question and really consider it across all channels and situations, you’re going to be in a good place. So put it on a Post-It note, write it on your hand, set a calendar alert every 15 minutes – whatever you have to do to keep it top of mind.



  10. Email is dead. Email is not dead. Maybe it’s on life support? Who knows? Well, no we actually DO know.

    It’s alive and well.

    Check out this fun statistic: eMarketer expects there to be 216.6 million US email users this year, representing 89% of total internet users. Two out of three people in the US will be email users in 2013.

    Seems alive and kicking to us!

    We’re not alone in this either. The Social Media team at Moose recently attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, and a consistent theme was that email marketing isn’t going anywhere, and you’ll regret it if you don’t step up your efforts. So, a conference featuring some of the most respected social media experts in the world just said that email marketing is vital to your success as a business. Interesting. Let’s dive in. (more…)