The Journey is Better with Friends.

  1. Reaching your followers in the ever-growing social space is gradually becoming more and more challenging. As social media strategists for brands, we are constantly competing for their undivided attention. For the Balance Bar Summer Shape Up Campaign, we used the following four tips to effectively connect them to the brand:

    1. Create timely, relevant content

    Posting season-specific content is a great way to encourage participation in any campaign. Our Summer Shape Up campaign occurred during June and July and on took place for 30 days, which gave our fans a sense of urgency to engage and participate.

    Summer Shape Up

    2. Reach fans with their interests

    Posting about content in which your fans are already interested is one of the best ways to reach them. We created our Balance Bar campaign around something that our fans are already concerned with – getting fit for the summer. Through researching our current Balance Bar fanbase, we knew that our fitness-focused campaign would resonate well with them.

    Summer Shape Up

    3. Ask for feedback

    The best way to find out what content works best for a campaign is to simply ask. Our Summer Shape Up campaign asked fans each week which workout or tip they liked the most.To encourage a response, we incentivized them with an entry into our fitness giveaway. The feedback we received allowed us to optimize our campaign and create content that catered more accurately to our fans’ interests. (more…)


  2. typewriterSM

    As an Account Planner, I am a storyteller. A storyteller of people’s lives, consumer journeys, data, brand marketing strategy, and problem-solving. I have found that delivering information as a story–whether it’s an idea, a pitch, a sell-in, or a presentation – helps my audience gain a richer understanding of what I am communicating.

    Harvey Deutschendorf, an emotional intelligence expert, explains on FastCompany why storytelling is the best way to share ideas that people will remember. “When we listen to a story a lot more happens. Not only does the language processing part [of our brain] become activated, but other parts are used to process the experience of the story for ourselves.”

    The key is taking the time to craft the right story, because an idea is often judged on how it is presented, and a great idea poorly communicated is unlikely to inspire anyone. Here are three guidelines that help me craft a story that sticks.



  3. headerphoto3

    The main reason we love social media so much is because it’s one of the best ways to interact and grow relationships with consumers. We use it for providing customer service, sharing information and most importantly showing gratitude to our faithful followers. When fans show love for a brand on social, we believe it’s vital to return the favor. To ensure we always give our followers the attention they need and deserve, we stick to these three social media marketing rules:  (more…)


  4. Looking back at the memorable marketing moments of 2013 (say that 3 times fast), who could forget the epic Oreo tweet of Super Bowl XLVII? While many brands, Oreo included, spent millions on advertising during the big game, the most memorable ad was most likely a 22-character tweet in response to the freak blackout delaying the game. The post was retweeted 10,000 times in one hour and took only minutes to develop and approve.


    So what should marketers prepare for in 2014? 2014 is expected to see a rise in live, televised primetime events as they become increasingly social experiences for consumers across multiple platforms. Brands will have more opportunity for “moment marketing,” a way to drive engagement with consumers around relevant, up-to-the-minute topics. A more recent example, DiGiorno was able to steal the spotlight during NBC’s airing of the Sound of Music Live!



  5. What should I blog about? | MoosylvaniaNeed to know what you should write your next blog post about? You’ve come to the right place! I can quickly help you figure that out with the assistance of Google. (No, not like this.)

    Here we go – What was the last thing you Googled? And there’s your answer. You probably have some interest in that; go write a blog post about it. You’re welcome. Class dismissed.

    But wait, we should probably take a step back. Your reason for writing a blog post, in many ways, guides what you should write about. (more…)


  6. PinterestMy name is Angela and I have a Pinterest problem.

    No – the problem isn’t the three hours a day I spend re-pinning vintage dresses and cupcakes. The problem is: I never buy the dresses or bake the cupcakes. Lots of pinning. Not a whole lot of converting.

    As it currently operates, Pinterest is a rabbit hole. I see something I like. I click it. I click again to get more information. Sometimes the info is there. And sometimes I get a 404 error or a strange 3rd party site. I have to click and scroll endlessly to find the recipe, or sometimes I never find it at all.

    I give up. Another cupcakeless night.

    But with Pinterest’s latest upgrade, my user experience is about to get better.

    This week, the third-largest social network announced “rich pins” for three categories: recipes, products, and movies, with plans to expand to other categories in the near future. (more…)


  7. Now that the weather is warming up and the days are getting little longer, I’ve been having the urge to spring clean. In addition to cleaning your home and preparing for summer, now is also a good time to give your brand’s social media presence a spring cleaning. Facebook pages–just like floorboards–get pretty ugly without regular maintenance. So, if you’ve been neglecting your social media accounts, take this opportunity to clean them up with these tips:


    1. Spring Cleaning

      Get rid of the clutter. With so many social networks out there it’s pretty easy for a brand to over commit themselves. But if your brand has an account on a platform that you’re not regularly posting on, or is no longer relevant to your social media strategy, get rid of it. Focus on the channels that your target audience is on and that you have the resources to maintain. There’s nothing worse than seeing a brand hasn’t posted on their Facebook page in over a year, or visiting a YouTube channel to find outdated videos of products that are no longer sold. Make sure you’re providing value to your consumers with consistent and interesting content, otherwise it’s not going to benefit your brand to be active on that channel. So, if you haven’t been engaging with your audience on a regular basis then it’s probably time to hit the deactivate button on that account.



  8. Moosylvania has descended upon Social Media Examiner‘s Social Media Marketing World conference. Between the tweets, vines and Instagrammed photos, we’ve noticed a few emerging social media strategy trending topics among the speakers and side conversations.

    You can follow @moosylvania for real-time updates and subscribe to blog for upcoming in-depth blog posts, but in the meantime, here’s a quick preview of what we’re talking about in San Diego.



  9. You may know Morgan Spurlock from his reality based documentary films like “Super Size Me” and “Mansome” . He also has a new show on CNN beginning in April called “Inside Man” where he candidly looks at subcultures in the US, and he begins shooting a 3-D, documentary on British pop sensation “One Direction” next week.

    Digital Jackpot

    But you most likely aren’t aware of how this A-list documentarian bet really big on digital and hit the jackpot.

    Morgan’s first “movie” projects were on behalf of a large electronics company, where he served as a tradeshow traveling spokesperson and produced large budget videos and presentations.  “One of the biggest budgets I worked on was a video for CES,” he noted with pride. (more…)


  10. A particularly engaging day on America’s Pet Debate Facebook Page

    The votes are in: cats win America’s Pet Debate! For 8 weeks, America went online to vote cat or vote dog in the social and digital campaign we created for Purina. While the debate, like all debates, became heated at times – the real winners were pets, their owners and future owners, as they were the focus of the conversation we helped shape through a precise social media and digital strategy.