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  1. DayOf

    Last week we put together a checklist to prepare you for covering an event on-site for a client. This week, we’re going to arm you with some tips to make sure the day of the event goes as smoothly as possible.

    Put on your war paint, it’s game day. (more…)


  2. EventBlog

    Real-time is the name of the game in this digital world of ours. Gone are the days when reporters would attend an event, write about it, then filter it through an editor. Current event coverage has to be done on the spot, or people don’t care. With that said, the Average Joe seems to think that those who cover events for brands or news publications are playing around on their phones, nonchalantly posting whenever they feel like it.

    Not even close. (more…)


  3. Looking back at the memorable marketing moments of 2013 (say that 3 times fast), who could forget the epic Oreo tweet of Super Bowl XLVII? While many brands, Oreo included, spent millions on advertising during the big game, the most memorable ad was most likely a 22-character tweet in response to the freak blackout delaying the game. The post was retweeted 10,000 times in one hour and took only minutes to develop and approve.


    So what should marketers prepare for in 2014? 2014 is expected to see a rise in live, televised primetime events as they become increasingly social experiences for consumers across multiple platforms. Brands will have more opportunity for “moment marketing,” a way to drive engagement with consumers around relevant, up-to-the-minute topics. A more recent example, DiGiorno was able to steal the spotlight during NBC’s airing of the Sound of Music Live!



  4. As an advertising agency whose one of many roles is to manage social media marketing for brands, we were ecstatic to hear about Twitter’s new timeline feature. While many of us use programs that organize our Tweets into categories already, we know that the typical user experience on Twitter is to scroll through a single timeline of hundreds to thousands of tweets a day. While this may suffice for users who are looking to leisurely read through tweets, it makes it extremely difficult for users who are actively searching for something specific on Twitter. This is where the latest “Custom Timeline” update comes in handy.

    So, how does the new Twitter feature work?

    It allows people to create custom timelines specific to their interests and needs. They are able to form user-specific feeds by dragging and dropping tweets into a list. Similar to how you can embed tweets into websites and blogs, users will be able to embed their timelines into them as well. Initially, the new timelines will be managed through Twitter’s Tweetdeck application. Once the lists are created, they can be shared with others via URL or embedded on websites.

    “This means that when the conversation around an event or topic takes off on Twitter, you have the opportunity to create a timeline that surfaces what you believe to be the most noteworthy, relevant tweets,” said Brian Ellin, who works on Twitter’s platform, explained in a blog post.



  5. Creating content to be shared and liked in any social media setting is no easy task. A 403×403 pixel canvas can be frightening at times, but do not fret, my friends. To help you engage as many fans as possible, in such a small area, here are four guidelines to go by that will ensure social media marketing success in any image post.

    1. Less is More

    Do not think for a minute that you need all the bells and whistles, plus the entire Macy’s Day parade to make a post impactful. Sometimes a stunning hero shot of your product can go a long way. Remember, it’s a brand sponsored page, and your fans actually like YOU! (That’s why they hit that Like or follow button after all.) So give them what they want.



  6. Facebook announced last Thursday that they will be rolling out updates to their interface over the coming weeks.



  7. We hear it time and time again. When it comes to social media marketing, creating compelling content is a big part of interacting with your community — and results in higher engagement rates. Well that all sounds great, but leaves us with a couple of questions, like “How does one create content that will stand out?” And, “How can I optimize my strategy to be more engaging, in terms of Likes, RTs and Vine Smileys?”

    After listening, reading and playing in the social realm, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you improve your social media marketing strategy simply by being more compelling.



  8. Hello, and welcome to the Social Media Marketing Rodeo! If this is your first time here, I’ll take a moment to explain that Vine is an app and social network owned by Twitter that makes it dead simple to shoot and share six-second videos. It was being pitched as “Instagram For Video” and while that is true, it ended up selling the service short and alienating many people who would otherwise enjoy it — your author included.

    But while the mechanics are similar, the limitations of the app make for a unique experience. Behold:

    1. By forcing users to shoot in-app, they keep out the pre-made, semi-pro shots that clog up Instagram. It also prevents people from uploading someone else’s content, at least without filming it off a screen.
    2. By forcing users to shoot linearly with no editing controls, they limit the scope of artistic aspiration. Removing the option to edit and fiddle endlessly places emphasis on candid moments, recalling the golden-age of Super 8 home movies.
    3. By limiting the output to six seconds and looping them endlessly, the best Vines become hypnotic meditations on their subject.

    In truth, the breathless enthusiasm of these points sounds tiring even to me, but I was a complete Vine skeptic until I actually used the app. I look forward to seeing new creative uses for Vine and will be watching closely to see how Vine gets integrated into social and ad campaigns.

    Leave a comment below linking to your best Vines, and follow Moosylvania as we figure this out together.




  9. The Big Game, or El Plato Supremo as we are calling it here at Moose, had some winners and losers as always. It was encouraging to see that so many more brands understood that people were using a second screen and likely tweeting from it, so they included a hashtag or some form of social media marketing into their campaign. A few stood out from the pack and one came about as close as the 9ers did to #winning, but lost the ring in the end. Here are our thoughts and a list of the commercials with links so you can check them out yourself, in case the party you were at was a little too loud. Tell us what you thought of the commercials this year in the comments!



  10. Dudes, instead of sitting back and asking your audience “What’chu talkin’ ‘bout?” we should be creating an experience for our audience to start talking about using a smart mix of experiential marketing and digital.

    People are sharing on social 24/7, but what is your audience really buzzing about? Usually, they’re posting about content they are actually experiencing, like funny cat videos or watching the latest episode of their favorite zombie show. As marketers, we need to create an experience that will spark people to start talking about your brand.

    Capital One Bank Game Nights Community Events

    If you choose to follow the Five Golden Rules Of Social Media Marketing, your brand will need to continuously push out genuine, interesting and relevant content, and what’s more genuine than being at an actual event? Event marketing allows your consumer to experience your brand in-person then share their experience through social. (more…)