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  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be complicated stuff, but not all of it is hard to understand or even implement as a novice.  To give your website the best possible chance to be found in the search engines, you should at least cover the 9 SEO basics I’ve listed below. (more…)


  2. So, the biggest shopping season of the year is upon us. You’ve been busy all year and haven’t gotten a lot of the things done that you’ve wanted to—especially those SEO, conversion and PPC optimization efforts that would really put you above the competition this time of year.

    Is there anything you can do this late in the holiday game? Here’s a checklist of last minute items you can do to optimize your ecommerce efforts for this holiday season.

    Before you get started, remember this in Quarter 1 2010 and plan your online marketing for the year so you are not scrambling at the last minute.

    Use the Last Minute Holiday Ecommerce Optimization Tips Scribd document at the end of this post to download a copy to use for your team.

    Good Luck!



  3. You’ve heard the term “drinking from the firehose” before, right? Well, without a plan of attack, that’s what social media marketing can feel like. Make your online marketing life easier by using a calendar that takes your social media strategy and gives it an action plan with dates and deadlines. If you are looking for efficiency, this is where you find it. (more…)


  4. Good online marketing strategies begin with competitor analysis. Who are your competitors? What will it take to dominate them in your online space? In my Smackdown Series, I show you how to research your competitors so that you can clearly develop a marketing strategy based on your findings. (more…)