The Journey is Better with Friends.

  1. typewriterSM

    As an Account Planner, I am a storyteller. A storyteller of people’s lives, consumer journeys, data, brand marketing strategy, and problem-solving. I have found that delivering information as a story–whether it’s an idea, a pitch, a sell-in, or a presentation – helps my audience gain a richer understanding of what I am communicating.

    Harvey Deutschendorf, an emotional intelligence expert, explains on FastCompany why storytelling is the best way to share ideas that people will remember. “When we listen to a story a lot more happens. Not only does the language processing part [of our brain] become activated, but other parts are used to process the experience of the story for ourselves.”

    The key is taking the time to craft the right story, because an idea is often judged on how it is presented, and a great idea poorly communicated is unlikely to inspire anyone. Here are three guidelines that help me craft a story that sticks.



  2. unnamed

    Looking out the car window, we’ve all seen geese traveling in their classic “V” formation. We know it has something to do with efficiency, but what exactly is going on up there?

    Well, a lot we can learn from, actually. In the art of account service at advertising agencies, and in many other fields, collaboration, accountability and leadership are all factors that should be cultivated to create and keep a great team. Let’s talk team building. (more…)


  3. Lunch breaks can get stale – so to keep from getting bored, several of us Moosers like to take lunchtime excursions to scour flea markets, antique malls and auction houses for strange and exotic items. We are vacuums for visual goodies and these interesting and often odd places keep us inspired for days after visiting.




  4. The life of a creative in a full-service advertising agency is ruled by deadlines. My daily to-do list is categorized by what will fall apart and who will scream loudest if it doesn’t get done. I use a sliding scale that starts with cool, works its way up to hot and climbs to volcanic inferno.


    There was a time when anything over the level of flaming would send me into anxiety hives, my thoughts slamming to a halt as I fearfully watched the minutes tick by. I couldn’t form a coherent thought over the pounding of my heart let alone come up with a brilliantly creative solution.

    But now, I laugh in the face of the clock. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up that keep deadlines feeling like the friendly sort of thing you’d use to roast marshmallows: (more…)


  5. apollo 13

    So as an agency person, or businessy person, what can you learn from Apollo 13?


    Besides the fact that, yes, Kevin Bacon is in it. And so is Bill Paxton, no Pullman, no Paxton. Anyway, the biggest thing you can learn from Apollo 13 is this:

    Remember the end goal.

    In the movie, every step they took was to further their mission to get Tom Hanks home so he could star in You’ve Got Mail.



    (Hollywood, we have a problem.)

    In your agency or business or specific project, what’s the end goal? Make sure the steps you take are ones that get you closer to achieving it.  After all, ideas that seem cool aren’t really that cool if they don’t advance the cause.

    So what else can you learn? Here are 5 more things that helped the crew in Apollo 13 reach their goal (and can help you achieve yours too):

    1.    Collaboration is key.

    - You have to work cohesively. After all, without hundreds of people working together, Apollo 13 would’ve been a really awful space movie. (more…)


  6. Last weekend, I went to Chicago for a quick getaway. Being around new architecture, people, languages, fashion retail marketing and food was so refreshing it felt like creative brain floss. While walking around the city, I realized for creatives, vacations can be about more than just taking a break from the usual routine. They can be an opportunity to fill your “creative bucket” with new experiences.





    From time to time I harness my experience at creative advertising agencies to teach a night class or two at a community college. One day I was giving a young lady constructive feedback on how to improve her project. I’m not sure if she was impressed or frustrated, but she stopped me and asked, “Where do ideas come from?”

    The desperate words knocked me backwards in slow motion. Where do I begin, I thought.

    I choked my reply, “That’s a good question, I’ll have to get back to you.” So I took a day. I have to admit as helpless as the question is, it’s valid. (more…)


  8. As a designer at a digital marketing agency, I love what I do. But sometimes I find myself stuck and unmotivated. Here are some tips and tricks that give me the boost I need when things get stale.

    1. Reward Yourself
    As designers, we often have a long list of things that need to be done by the end of our day. Some are small. Some are, quite frankly, scary. My advice here is to make a list and make sure every time you scratch something off, you give yourself a reward. It could be candy or maybe a funny cat video on YouTube. Reward yourself. (I know I will be after I finish writing this.) (more…)


  9. Looking for the Free Web Analytics Dashboard? click here

    Whether you are designing your own website or providing creative direction for your new website design, you’re going to need some inspirational resources to stay on top of the latest design trends. Below is a list of some of our favorite resources for website design inspiration.

    Each of these resources has specific characteristics that make them great for a holistic approach to getting your website design juices flowing. If you have ideas for alternatives to these be sure to share them in the comments.