The Journey is Better with Friends.

  1. Who is the HOT generation out there today? The generation most brands want to engage with, but few actually do?


    There have been countless articles that define the millennial generation, and a lot of them say the same thing… these 18-30 year olds:

    • comprise 20% of American adults
    • are “digital natives” born into a world of iPods, Apps and Facebook
    • over 75% of them have at least one social media account
    • 40% of them have a bachelor’s degree, more than any previous generation

    Although all of this information paints a nice picture of who millennials are, brands should really focus on how to reach them. And the best way to do that is figuring out what they are talking about or engaging with. (more…)


  2. As we’ve seen with the rollout of Timeline, Facebook is a constantly-evolving social platform that continues to change how brands can interact with users. When planning your social media initiatives, it’s smart to understand the full potential of this resource – which includes robust functionality and engagement via Facebook Open Graph.



  3. Whether you consider yourself a social media expert, guru or just plain digital savvy, the ever-growing social media platforms and introduction of new social apps can leave even the most knowledgeable of recent grads and experienced community managers a beginner at some point.

    Of course, after a week or two of playing, they’ll be back up to date on the strengths and weaknesses of any new social platform.

    Wait, did I just say playing?

    To fully understand how a social platform can benefit your company or brand, it’s important that you have a good grasp on how it works – and why consumers find it appealing. The best way to do this? Create an account and play.

    Think of it as your social media marketing playground. Each individual tool has its own purpose, but combined, it’s a complete area for you to learn and grow – all while having a little fun! (more…)


  4. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past four days, you may have missed the most recent social media marketing news – Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion.

    Once you stop wracking your brain and thinking of all the ways you’d spend that hefty lump of cash, you may start to wonder – what’s next for Facebook + Instagram?

    According to Facebook, Instagram will keep its own identity and act as their standalone app as they work to improve usability and functionality across both social media platforms.

    Here at the Embassy, we’ve made our own predictions on what this really means and how this purchase will affect the next changes to roll out on Facebook and Instagram.



  5. Facebook just launched Timeline for brands on February 29th and they say the change will be mandatory by March 30th. So what can you do creatively for your brand in Timeline? Last week, Audra told you about telling a compelling story. This week, I’ll give you ideas to bring your story to life through design.



  6. On February 29, Facebook announced their changes to Facebook Pages and Ads. All Facebook Brand Pages will be automatically updated to the new Timeline format on March 30, 2012. What does this mean for your brand?

    Facebook’s new Timeline for Brand Pages places more emphasis on quality engagement to gain fans. Before the switch, it is important to understand the role of the new features and how to incorporate them into your social media marketing strategy.


  7. In Is Social Media Right or My Business? Part I, we talked about what to think about before  jumping into social media for your business and some general  guidelines for the common social networks. In Part II, we will look at common industries and how they are using social media and online marketing.

    The key is that social media is not just an ecommerce or “fun” business trend. Social media is another channel of communication and businesses are using this channel strategically to support their overall marketing goals. Social media is here to stay, and if it’s not being widely used among your regional competitors currently, chances are it will soon be a part of their online marketing.  St. Louis businesses are quickly growing their social media efforts, so if you are in the St. Louis area (or any city for that matter), we recommend putting your social media strategy in place to stay in line or ahead of your competition.



  8. If you haven’t already realized it, social media takes a solid strategy and a lot of time to provide real business value – if you think it doesn’t then you should highly reconsider jumping in. What takes so much time? Well, being successful on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a company blog is all about producing valuable content, not just establishing a presence on these services. Valuable content is what establishes your company as an authority in the space, and creates a reason for people to become your fan or watch your video; and valuable content takes time to create.

    So, with that fact sorted out, the question for small business owners becomes, “How can I leverage social media for my business when I don’t have a lot of time or money to throw at it?” Here are some things you should ask yourself before diving in: