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The magic in Twitter is building a large audience and staying transparent with everything that concerns them and your business.

A good way to build your Twitter audience is to have dedicated people monitor conversations about you through the “advanced search” function right on the site and through independent filters made for Twitter that literally allow you to see all conversations about your company and the specific topics of discussion, down to Zip Code and if the tone is negative or positive.

Monitoring the conversations of everyone on Twitter can provide further opportunities to respond to the good and the bad and directly address the people you find are most opinionated, and thus opinion leaders.

It’s even plausible in a lot of instances to win over your critics. When you do that, you’ve extinguished a flame and made an advocate.

We have a white paper on the subject, The Nine Step Guide To Social Networking, that discusses the importance and strategy behind extinguishing flames on all social platforms.

Twitter is not just words and short responses. It is a medium. You can send messages addressing issues with links to video and other content that provide all the insight your customers and the general population having conversations about you can use as a tool for their needs.

Furthermore, building in interactivity into video links sent out on Twitter with tools like Klickable, that enable viewers to click on objects in the video to go deeper in information and links can add tremendous depth to your message.

Jay Z just did this with his controversial new song Death of Autotune. Granted he’s not an airline, but you cannot argue that he is innovative in his field. Links to this video could be found on Twitter, Digg, Facebook and other social sites.

Here’s a link. Click on and find out more about Jay Z.

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