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“If you think you don’t like cats, you haven’t met mine.”

I bet you know a cat owner who’s uttered that phrase, because “my cat isn’t like other cats.”


When Nature’s Variety asked us to help them with launching a new product by creating a vibrant, fun brand for their new cat food we knew we needed something that cat lovers would instantly connect with.

When I was a kid, our family pet was a silver Persian. Brutus was so austere and proper that he would never climb on us or sit on our laps. He would sit, head held high, aside us to be properly petted. He must have had a royal bloodline.

What brings a smile to my face about Brutus is unique from the quirks that have helped me connect with every cat since.

That’s why we created a brand that celebrates the incredible range of personalities that makes loving a cat different than any other pet.

Introducing Pride by Instinct: for Cats with Lion-Sized Personalities


It’s an all-natural food packed with the quality (and tasty!) nutrition cats need to strut and saunter with the confidence of their ancestors.

The recipes are inspired by the unique, quirky and bold cat personalities – and that cat lovers can identify with. You’ll see their playful characters featured on the product package design.

Meet the Cats




There’s Cheshire, who keeps you guessing about what’s behind his mischievous smile.






And Champ, who’s athletic and energetic.






Diva is smart, independent, sassy and classy….






While Daredevil is a fearless thrill seeker who’s forever finding ways to put on a show.






You’ll adore Lovebug, who’s sweet, loyal and endlessly affectionate.






Lucky has a happy-go-lucky personality that always brings a smile to your face.






We lovingly refer to Ritzy as her royal highness – she’s spoiled like a princess and rules like a queen.






Rockstar is loud, crazy and fun – and he owns the room.






Though Sherlock, who’s always exploring, is likely to be the first to give guests the once over.






Starlet is graceful, beautiful and her strut gives away how much she loves the limelight.






Parading around the house with his head held high, Titan is king of the house… and your heart.






And Trickster, well he’s always into silly cat antics that you can’t help but love.



Which of the Pride cats is most like your cat? Let us know in the comment section below.

And for the record, Brutus was totally a Titan.



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