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We’re a creative bunch at Moosylvania. And we regularly harness our creativity to develop smart work for our clients. But we also know how tapping into our creative sides can be used as an avenue for exploring emotions, for teaching and most importantly, for healing.

Which is why we were more than happy to scrounge up our remaining Art for Joplin limited edition prints for a silent auction benefiting Art Feeds.

At left, a painting depicting a 7-year old's dream for a rebuilt house. At right, a Joplin child and his painting.

Our friends at Art Feeds tell us that the $3,000 our posters brought in will allow them to give 3,000 art therapy lessons to the children of Joplin. As you might imagine, that’s a pretty big ‘wow moment’ for us.

Art Feeds shared with us some of the art the kids created. Come visit us at the Embassy, and you’ll see these touching masterpieces hanging in a place of honor.


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